I Miss The Old Gang!

It was just a short, short year ago that my life was filled with joy and laughter never knowing what the old gang would say today. Remember Rick and Rick, Herman and Sarah, that delightful Newt who knew everything about the world’s problems and was certain to make certain the gang of Republicans were aware of what was going on someplace in the world. Of course, there was always Michelle, and I do not mean the Michelle from the White House, who would enlighten our days and nights with words of wisdom concerning events in the Middle East, you know, the place near the South Pole.

I especially miss Mitt and his stories of the road about the dog on top of the car,but in all honesty, who can forget that wonderful moment when Rick, the Rick from Texas, who simply forgot who or what was in the American Cabinet. Gee, those were the days. As I reflect on the current Syrian situation, my heart is sort of melancholy that Sarah is not in charge of our foreign policy. OK, I admit she is still a bit confused as to the meaning of “foreign policy,” but no one is perfect.

Can’t you just imagine President Palin confronting President Vladimir Putin!!