I Run Zimbabwe Declares Robert Mugabe

Under his benign rule, the nation of Zimbabwe has declined from a vibrant economy into one that is wracked by a Twelve Million percent inflation rate and 80% of the people living in poverty, but Robert Mugabe has absolutely no intention of giving up power. He ignored agreements to hold off opening Parliament before a power sharing agreement could be hammered out with Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change. After being heckled and booed in Parliament by MDC members, the determined president told his nation, “we shall be setting up a government. The MDC does not want to come in apparently.”

Mugabe is right on one point, the MDC does not wish to become part of a government in which the thugs who surround the president continue with their policies of looting the nation and beating up and torturing members of the opposition. They do not wish to become part of a supposed “power-sharing” agreement in which Mugabe continues wielding all the power and Tsvangirai is a show case placed in a powerless position. They do not wish to become part of a government which arrested three members of the MDC on trumped up charges.