I Smoke Crack-Do You?

Every so often one encounters a politician who is rather enjoyable because he does not take himself too seriously. During the 1930s in New York City we had the ever exuberant Maryor Fiorello LaGuardia. When newspapers went on strike he read the comics for kids. If there was a fire, he was the first on the scene. If a girl wrote him that her dad was a drunk, he sent a cop to walk the man home with his pay. Toronto has Mayor Rob Ford, a man of the people. He admitted that he smoked pot and that quite frequently he was dead drunk. He did not apologize, but simply said: “the past is the past,” and he intended to proceed with his life. No promise to cease drinking or using pot. Ford, essentially told the people of Toronto: “I am a drunk, I smoke pot.” Take me as I am since I am not going to be anyone else.

An honest politician! Drink on and on, smoke on and on. Ah, a moment on honesty in a world of corruption. Can we join you, Mr. Mayor?