I Think – Maybe–I Was Wrong?

The last week has witnessed one Republican after another offer explanations as to why the black dude won the presidency. Bill O’Reilly blames it on  these new folk who live in America and are not descended from the old time God fearing folk. Of course, he is of Irish descent, you know the folks who were regarded as stupid aliens under control of the Roman Catholic clergy and the Know Nothing party of the 1850s just did not want Irish folk like him in their God fearing country. One can only wonder, given his ignorance, as to whether O’Reilly is really an O’Reilly.

Conservative pundit, Dick Morris, or whatever these days one calls an ignorant fool, predicted a landslide win for Romney. Now, he claims he knew Romney was going to lose but decided to lie in order to bolster his spirits and chances of winning. As I recall, he said: “We’re  going to win by a landslide”–his exact words. Now, I know when Dick says anything, it is merely a dickhead speaking