“I Want Him Dead!”

As a child in the slums of the Bronx, New York City, it was impressed on us to avoid use of guns because they get people into trouble. Use your fists was the mantra imposed on me. We understood that police had guns, that certain gangsters had guns, and using a gun with either of these people could readily result in death–for you! Byron Smith is a man who apparently does not enjoy the company of young people. According to prosecutors in the current case against him for murder, he waited in his cellar with guns and water because he hoped two teenagers would do something stupid like break into his house. Nick Brady and Haile Kifer did just what he wanted. They broke into the house.

Reports indicate that Nick Brady was on the floor and defenseless when Mr. Smith walked up to his body and blasted away. He told police, “I want him dead.” The issue is simple. Without the presence of weapons, he might have beat up the boy or stabbed the boy, and murder would have been avoided. No certainty, but as we learned in the Bronx, play the odds and avoid use of guns and the worse is getting the hell beat out of you!