I Went For The Groceries And Forgot My Passport!

Last night I had a nightmare of going to get some milk and cheese when I was halted by the police who wanted me to produce a passport or birth certificate proving I was a natural born, God-fearing American and I could not. My main problem in modern times is a propensity during the summer to become very dark skinned– my mother’s nickname for me was, “the little black boy.” But, these days, someone might mistake me for one of “them people,” you know, them illegal immigrants. How do I prove to some cop in Missouri that my accent is not from Mexico, but from the alien land of the Bronx? This summer I expect to spend time at the pool, and must now consider when sitting in a lounge chair, dare I risk not having my passport or birth certificate with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand concerns about “them illegals” taking jobs from “we Americans.” I am rather upset “those people” work in meat packing jobs which means, at age 79, no one will hire me in Omaha, Nebraska, let alone can I get hired doing garden work. I was so looking forward in my retirement to that meat packing job, but those foreigners will get it.

My question to Republicans and Tea Party folk who support checking on “them people,” is: exactly how many Tea Party folk does it take to build a fence around America?

  • mw

    Your answer to the question ‘exactly how many Tea Party folk does it take to build a fence around America?’

    –Not possible because most of the tea party folks have illegal house maids without ‘Valid Working Papers.’

    I, too, look ‘like them’ when I get too much sun.

    There are 16 MLB teams that hold spring training in AZ. Yikes! Can’t wait till Cards play Diamondbacks coming up, and Pujols, Molina & Coach Oquendo and “the like” get pulled over while driving home from a game