“I Will Kill You All!”

Most witnesses believe it was a man carrying a suitcase in Moscow’s Demeodedovo airport who shouted, “I Will Kill You All” before triggering a blast that resulted in the deaths of 35 people and wounding of over a hundred. “i saw the suitcase, the suitcase was on fire,” said eyewitness Artyom Zhilenkov who was a few feet from the man causing the carnage. Early reports claim they found the head of “Arab appearance” which supposedly belonged to the bomber. Most experts believe the bomber originated from the Muslim Northern Caucasus region of Russia. Naturally, President Medvedev ordered an investigation. There is scant doubt an honest investigation will conclude that thousands of Muslims in Russia encounter prejudice and discrimination and that people in Chechen intensely dislike Russia’s control of their region. Al we know at present is that a man carrying a suitcase entered the airport and decided to set off an explosion.

Russia is a time bomb ready to explode from ethnic anger at the ruling European leaders of their nation. Russia has yet to even conceive there is need for multicultural education in its schools and a concerted effort to end prejudice in the work place. The fault lies not in the stars of the south, but in the minds and hearts of the Russian people.