“I Would Resign”

President Obama made clear that if he was in the shoes of Congressman Anthony Weiner, “if it was me, I would resign.” That appears to be an honest attitude, but what about others who have done “inappropriate” things in life, should they resign?

Congressman John Boehner, head of Republicans in Congress. He has blocked action to aid the jobless on grounds we have to cut taxes on the wealthy. Should he resign?

Congressman Eric Cantor, key Republican leader in Congress. He has opposed aid to Joplin, Missouri folk because people in that town hit by tornadoes did not have rainy day accounts. Should he resign?

Austan Gooisbee, head of the president’s Council on Economic Advisers, told the media there was no real recession and things were getting better. Should he resign? Of course if he did, then he would be jobless like are 17,000,000 others.

Sarah Palin does not even know what Paul Revere did, let alone what is happening in current American history. Should she resign from the human race and join the bear race?

Glenn Beck never can figure out how any of his lines lead to a rational end, should he resign?

Mitt Romney was for health care before he realized in so doing he lost support among Republicans, should he resign from the race for president?

Michele Bachmann has as much knowledge about government, economics as LeBron James has about humility, should she resign?

Barack Obama promised to end Wall Street control of the government, and has become a lap dog licking Hedge Fund managers’ feet in hope of getting donations. should he resign?