I’d Give My Horse For A Job

Into the valley of Joblessness rode the 2.7 million Americans. Fox News to the right, Ted Cruz to the left of them, on and on rode those without work. They examined their wallets as they rode through the fire of Republican snipers calmly taking out those who lagged behind or halted to express some words of anger. They were the jobless, and, we all know those without jobs in the United States of America lack friends, lack allies and must limp along as best as they can. Up the hills of Despair climbed the 2.7 million, scratching and pulling themselves up and up toward the promise of job lugging wood up the hill to the wise man siting in the den of wisdom. Onto the ships of doom strode the 2.7 million, seeking among the thousands of ships sailing our seas, a job cleaning fish taken from the stormy seas of time.

OK, so there are 2.7 million who simply just gave up since after two years of seeking no single boss desired their presence. Oh, the unemployment rate was 6.7%, a drop of fifty percent since the former president left to chop wood in Texas. Thank God neither George nor Dick nor Don nor any member of the Republican party lacks funds. There are always the Koch brothers with offers of dollars for the simple response of casting a vote to reduce taxes. Of course there are also the untold millions struggling in jobs paying $7.25 an hour serving and scrubbing and cleaning for those too lazy to cook a meal and clean up.

I’d surely give a horse for a job, but the problem is I do not have a horse.