Ida The Red Aims At Silvio

Silvio Berlusconi has wormed his way back into the political limelight of Italy by proposing wild promises of money for the masses. OK, so he has been convicted of crimes against the state. OK, so he has been convicted of crimes against women. But, Ida Boccasini, a prosecutor is aiming at Silvio and promising to send him to prison. I assume she is angry at not being invited to those wonderful parties at the Berlusoni mansion where scantily clad women offered their bodies to one and all. Guess who got the most all?

Ida the Red has gone back thirty years to discover new examples of how Silvio manipulated the law in order to gain special favors. In Italy, Silvio knows every angle to secure escaping jail. Fortunately, Ida spends her days and nights, not at parties but at the library seeking evidence to convict the Romeo of Italy.