Ideas To Reduce National Debt

In the spirit of public service we offer suggestions which, if implemented, will significantly reduce the American national debt.

1. Charge each person from Canada who enters our country a $1 entry fee.

2. Charge Sarah Palin $10,000 every time she uses the expression, “grizzly moms.”

3. Charge Rush Limbaugh per ton of bullshit he utters each night.

4. Charge Glenn Beck for drawing wobbling lines.

5. Ten bucks for each use of word, “Socialism” by Fox News pundits.

6. Michelle Obama could auction off her dresses.

7. George Bush could be asked to donate the wood he chops.

8. All Wall Street bonuses for one year are placed in the Treasury Department.

9. Don Rumsfeld will donate the money he earns serving as Wal-Mart greeter.

10. Require each NRA member to join the “sell a gun for America” program.

11. Have Bristol Palin donate her magic dancing shoes.

12. Grandpa and grandma could die for the nation and cut down on Medicare expenses.

13. Charge for using water fountains, a buck a gulp.

14. Members of the Tea Party could sell tea bags on street corners.

15. No lunch for school kids–saves money and fights obesity.