Ides Of March-Hiden Daggers Of Power In Russia?

The presidential election went as planned, Dimitry Medevdev was elected and now comes the interesting tale of how transfer of power will proceed. This will be the first time in Russian history when a popularly elected head of state peacefully turns over power to another popularly elected head of state. Medvedev is still first deputy prime minister as well as chariman of Gazprom, both offices from which he will have to resign and then Putin will be elected as prime minister. To add to confusion in the transfer of power period, a bill drawn up to regluate this transfer was never approved by the State Duma. There is a possiblity when Medvedev assumes the office of president, his first action will be to fire himself as first deputy prime minister.

As a side bar, when Putin took over from Yeltsin, he pushed through a law granting immunity from prosecution to the president and his family when he leaves office. However, the real action begins when Medvedev begins appointing people to positions in the government. Will he make those decisions by himself or will he seek advice from Putin in appointments? Perhaps, everything will work out as the two friends work together, but, the days of March may not necessarily be the same next year when March rolls around.