Ides Of March In Syria

It is now over two years since the initial outbreak of violence agains the government of Syria began to take human lives. Opponents of President Bashar al-Assad have entered the  country in order to bring democracy to it, or, at least that is what they claim. Of course, thousands who support Assad are also in the country, to bring democracy to the sad state of Syria. Each day, each  side blasts away in the name of democracy, or, perhaps in the name of peace and love. Yesterday, the “good guys” sent mortar shells into the University of Damascus in order to kill the “bad guys.” Violence has reached a level at which killing whoever gets in the way is a blow for democracy.

It is ironic that as violence kills thousands of Muslims, there is no protest from leading Muslim scholars and religious leaders. Of course, if someone drew a cartoon, then cause for demonstrations would rock Muslim nations. There is quiet because the only people dying are Muslims!