Ides Of May Are Upon Israel

The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted with fury to assaults on Israel defensive positions on their border when thousands of Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinian groups tried to storm those barriers in order to enter Israel. For several months the Netanyahu leadership has observed with growing anxiety the ideas of March drive from power Mubarak in Egypt and leaders of Tunisia while the UN assists people of Libya in their struggle to drive from power Gaddafi. Any intelligent observer would have noted how forces of “democracy” in Egypt turned on their Christian comrades and burned churches while killing those of another faith. The so-called “forces of democracy” are fragile in leadership. confused about the government they wish to install, and ready to turn at the slightest excuse upon Israel. An intelligent Israeli government would have quickly arranged a compromise agreement with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority which would have placed Palestinian security in charge of borders with Gaza and Jordan and, to some extent, with Syria.

Benjamin Netanyahu has never grasped the historic opportunity that was possible for his nation. An agreement with Palestinians would have placed a democratic society in the midst of a troubled Middle East. Instead, he once again places faith in violence and war. Millions of people in the region are susceptible to demagogues, to terrorists seeking violence, and the only way to turn them toward democracy is to establish solid democratic governments in the Middle East. Bibi, the fault does not lie east or north or south, it lies inside Israel!