IDF Plans Massive Attack On Gaza Strip

Rumors of a massive strike by the Israel Defensive Force against the Gaza Strip are circulating in Jerusalem as the ever increasing anger about Kassam rocket attacks grows more intense. Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit insists the job of the IDF is to bring Hamas leaders to justice whle Vice President Ramon said “anyone involved, directly or indirectly, with the war crime(of firing rockets) need to be in the IDF crosshairs.” Hamas has responded with warnings that any action would result in “unprecedented force” on its part. A Hamas spokesperson complained Israel forces are targeting Prime Minister Haniyeh and he has gone into hiding to escape possible assassination.

Israel for many years has drawn upon a program of assassinating prominent Muslim leaders of organizations engaged in action against its people. After years of using this approach, terrorists are still active and there is no evidence the theory of killing top leaders results in an end to terrorism. It is about time for Israel to use another approach if the goal of ending rocket attacks and bringing peace is to become a reality. There is need at this point in time for a neutral force to supervise Gaza in order to end rocket attacks and to create conditions for peace. A combination of an outside army and willingness to engage in discussions with Hamas — without any preconditions– offers the best hope for peace.