The University of Copenhagen has built a new library and is placing books from all existing libraries into one center. In discussing the design for the new library it was decided to focus more on space for students than storage areas for books. The result is lack of space for all books and the University has decided to burn 70,000 books! According to the Head of Arts Faculty, Kristen Refsig, “one suggestion has been to offer the books to students, that that is problematic since the books have been bought with taxpayer money, which means that an institution can not sell them!” Who is this idiot?

1. The taxpayers want their money used to purchase and keep books. No one voted to burn books!

2. Of course, there is an alternative–how about GIVING THE BOOKS TO STUDENTS!!

3. Sometime I wonder how any intelligent life form got stuck on this dumb planet with idiot professors such as Ms. Refsig!!