Idiot’s Delight In Japanese Government

There is increasing evidence the modern world is led by men and women who lack something we might term as “common sense.” The people of Japan were hit by a huge tsunami which devastated the country and resulted in the death of thousands. Of course, having nuclear plants build in areas which might be hit be waves from the ocean was not the brightest idea in the world. A few months ago the Minister for Disaster Management was fired for making insulting remarks.

So, along comes a new Minister for Disaster Management and he proceeds to be a public relations disaster. Tatsuo Hirano explained to the media what happened when the waves hit. “There were those who  moved to safety and thought, w’ll be safe here.’ Then, there w ere idiots like my old comrade who didn’t take shelter. He is dead now.”

OK, we all might be guilty of a slip of the tongue. But, terming people who died, not due to their own fault, as being”idiots” is hardly what one expects from government officials. Just another example of  idiots calling others idiots.

Oh, Tatsuo did apologize, sort of. “I apologize if my remarks upset anyone.”