Idiots In Government Foster Death

Death took the lives of seven people in Santa Barbara. Once again, the media is filled with stories of anger and rage by those whose children died because this nation has become paralyzed by the National Rifle Association. Richard Martinez lost his son, Christopher when Elliot Rodger, a mentally ill young man was allowed by American society to purchase weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Martinez spoke the truth of reality because his son is dead. “But, what kind of message does it send to the world when we have such a rudderless bunch of idiots in government.” One frequently is left speechless by those who represent the American people in Congress. They tremble in fear because the National Rifle Association will list their name as one who cares about human life. Mr. Martinez noted that at least he had a son for twenty years while the parents of murdered children in Connecticut only saw them for six.

OK, I write words of anger. A million such words will be written today and during the coming weeks. After that, one of the idiots in Congress will rise in defense of guns and boast that was the goal of our Founding Fathers. As I recall, they referred to weapons that were a one shot rifle. How about returning to those days. No one allowed to possess more than a one shot rifle–one that had to be reloaded in ten seconds?