Every so often one encounters a story about people that makes one wonder why Noah ever started the entire thing again about human evolution. Eric and Charlotte Kaufman decided to take their sailing ship on a voyage around the world. Sounds OK for a couple with nothing else to do. Oh, they have a one year old and a three year old who are nice sweet young girls, but unfortunately lack any ability or strength to be of any use on such a voyage. As I recall, my three young daughters at that age required a few visits to the doctor. Oh, I forgot, Eric and Charlotte are not only qualified sailors but also possess extensive medical skills.

It required the US Navy, planes, sailors jumping into the water to swim to the boat and a few million dollars worth of money to save their young daughter from an illness. Oh, the response of these two schmucks, “We were then and remain confident that when are prepared as any crew will.” Really! Arrogant, stupid, ignorant as any crew will be is more like it!