If Corruption I Does Not Work, Try Corruption II

President Hamid Karzai submitted his original Cabinet of inept officials and 17 of his appointees could not even pass muster from the corrupt legislature of the country. So, Karzai is at it again with another selection of men and women who could be accepted by warlords an drug dealers. As analyst Haround Mir notes, “most of these guys are unknown to the Afghan people” and tend to be connected to warlords and minor political hacks who supported the election of Karzai. As Mir points out so aptly, “Karzai wants to survive an survival means for him no organized opposition. So no one is left our of the government from the traditional groups and parties.” In other words, it is not about your competencies as much as about who you know or who is known by your relatives.

A western diplomat was not as diplomatic as Mir and argued, “when you look at connections some of them have to warlords, Islamist parties or plain old crooks. It really does look like a return to the bad old days of rewarding your mates with a lucrative government job.”

The problem for America is these individuals will not gain the support of the people of Afghanistan and all they will do is continue ineffectiveness. I wonder how President Obama explains this group of incompetents to the competent American and NATO men and women who are fighting for the survival of Afghanistan.