If Female, Stay Out Of India!

Along with many people, I was raised to believe the nation of India was inhabited by very religious people who were in contact with their inner souls and felt as one with other humans. The recent incident in New York City which entailed an Indian diplomat who abused her maid caused me to rethink attitudes toward the nation of India. People in India were furious because an Indian diplomat who worked her maid sixteen hours a day was charged with a crime. The maid is the last thought on the mind of the Indian government. Yesterday in the heart of New Dehli, a Danish woman was returning from a visit to the National Museum and asked for directions back to her hotel. She was grabbed by a group of men and gang raped, as well as being robbed. She fled the country. I await complaints from the government of India about this woman who left their country without thanking the people of India for its hospitality.

Between January and October of 2013, approximately 1,330 women were raped in the city of New Dehli. I would welcome knowing how many of the rapists went to trial, and if they did, what exactly was the punishment? It is time for people of the world to demand that India pay attention to preventing rape and to vigorous punishment of those who rape.

Oh, a rapist was caught and admitted that he had raped 59 women over the course of two years!!