If God’s On Your Side, You Must Be Right!

According to that eminent authority on what God believes, Rabbi Sam White, the Lord took time out from dealing with issues in the Universe in order to make certain that Ramat Shlomo was Jewish. “”God gave us the land of Israel.” Of course, the land until 1967 was under the control of Jordan, but, unfortunately for Arabs, God was never on their side, he was for the people of Israel and He wanted them to have all the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. If you doubt that, go to the nearest telephone booth and give God a call. British reporter, Rupert Cornwell spoke to inhabitants of the area and inquired if they were willing to compromise on land issues in order to secure peace with Palestinians. Nechani Rabinovich, a young mother with her baby, summed up the prevailing view among fellow Jews in the area by noting, “I don’t think this will bring peace, and I don’t think we have a partner.” Actually, she made quite clear even if a “partner” did emerge, “This is our land. God gave it to us.”

I must admit confusion because for decades my attempts to communicate with God have never proven successful. I try all hours of the night and day and can not even receive a busy signal, all that happens is silence. I assume it is the same silence that Jews in Auschwitz experienced, but, then again, they were seeking justice and explanations concerning horror. The jews of Israel seek a more mundane object — an inexpensive house. I assume God co-signs for each new house.

  • http://viewsfromtheleftcoast.blogspot.com NatetheGrate

    So, do you feel better now? Does attacking people for their religious beliefs make you happy? It doesn’t make me happy. It makes me suspicious of your motives that you have tried to oversimplify a complex political problem. Anyone who even remotely pays attention realizes that Israel has tried to find a territorial compromise but the Palestinian authorities are afraid to agree to any settlement that includes the country of Israel. The fact those authorities themselves have contributed to the poisoning the minds of their own people is yet another matter that has not been addressed. You really want peace? Then make it happen!

  • journeyer58

    On the contrary “NatetheGrate,” it seems that you are mistaken as to the main cause of the problems in the Middle East.
    For more than 40 years, Israel has illegally occupied the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. In the Geneva Conventions, it clearly states that territory gained in acts of war, cannot legally be held for any length of time.
    This compounded with the fact that Israel has a stranglehold on the Palestinian economy makes for a situation that any person would find reprehensible. The Israelis control the schools, economy and even the medical care of the Palestinians, how would you take it if someone controlled every aspect of your life, including the needed medical care that would save the lives of your children and wife?
    The world community, cannot stand much longer the rogue state of Israel and the backers of this rogue state, The United States of America. If American support were to be cut off today, then Israel would have to make peace with their neighbours. With American backing at an all time high, Israel can continue the oppressive regime that they have installed to commit genocide against the Palestinians, for without doubt, the policies as they stand, will lead to only one conclusion, the complete “genocide” of the Palestinian people.
    This attitude stems from the idea that ‘G-D’ is on the side of the Israelis and will not allow America to abandon them to the devices of peace-making and compromise.