If I Was Dictator

I fell asleep last night and dreamed that I had become dictator of the United States of America

If I was dictator:

1. No one would allowed to possess more than $5,000,000 in wealth.

2. Sarah Palin’s new job would be cleaning the toilets in a homeless shelter.

3. Glenn Beck would work on highways drawing the white lines.

4. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan would be a teacher in Abraham Lincoln HS in Brooklyn and would be held accountable for graduation rates of his students.

5. Barack Obama would be given a backbone in a transplant.

6. Every time Rush Limbaugh uses the expression, “Socialist” his mouth would be washed out with soap.

7. All tests for children would be abolished and tests on American history required of those serving in Congress.

8. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York who cut funding for deaf and blind children would be compelled to spend a day each week going around blindfolded.

9. All members of the Tea Party would be required to take over jobs from illegal immigrants in order to pick strawberries and clean lawns.

10. Michele Bachmann would drive a garbage truck since she spouts so much garbage.