If In Mexico–Duck!

It was a gathering of several people from the American consulate and they had a pleasant luncheon, and soon departed. Normally, in most places in the world, a trip home after an afternoon meal is hardly an expedition into danger, but this is Mexico. Two cars encountered blasts of weapons as drug lord members fired on staff members killing a husband and wife and a husband. Babies were left crying in back seats. This all occurred in broad daylight, President Felipe Calderon has launched what he regards as a major war against drug lords in face of over 4,000 deaths in the Ciudad Juarez area over the past few years. As a result of the attacks, members of US consulates in cities along the border have been urged to send their families back to the safety of America.

The issue is no longer drug lords, the issue is drugs. When will the American people finally realize their desire for drugs is creating havoc and chaos throughout Latin America. The solution is simple– legalize drugs and allow people to purchase them in government controlled shops. Take away the product and drug lords will either shift to another crime venture or will take their money and become legitimate businessmen. At least, that’s what happened when Prohibition ended.