If It’s An Army Rule — It Has To Be Stupid!

General Mitchell Oates recently asked soldiers to list stupid rules they have encountered. Here are their reactions:

Conducting an “announced” inspection.
Honest, general, telling soldiers they will be inspected will not result in ordinary conditions.

No umbrellas allowed.
Yes, general, the rain not only rains on the plains of Spain but on heads of soldiers.

Requiring a pass to drive over 70 miles.
General, they can get killed in combat, but not killed while driving?

Not allowing soldiers to go off base during non-duty hours.
Shucks, they might want to make out with a woman off base.

No alcoholic beverages.
After all we don’t want them getting drunk while on active duty. They might kill themselves.

Rolling up one’s sleeves.
Imagine, showing one’s muscles.

Being required to wear an Army “values” tag.
I assume all those who wear the tag are decent, honest, and moral people.

Being required to wear an helmet at all times.
Does this include going to the john?

The body fat test.
Wouldn’t some body fat protect against a bullet?

Fifteen month deployments.
I think it results in some PTSD.

Let me add one:

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”