If Lincoln Was Alive Today

Listening to Republican party members and Fox News made me smile as I reflected how they would react to Abraham Lincoln if he was alive today. I can visualize Glenn Beck drawing diagrams which depict Abe being born in slave state Kentucky and then winding up in free state Illinois. What exactly would Republicans say about a president who took property from slave owners and refused to pay compensation for the seized property!! What would Republicans about a president who made clear to states they obey federal law or suffer the consequences of such action! I assume modern Republicans would be horrified towards a president who gave large amounts of money to businessmen in order to construct the inter-continental railroad land. Just think, Abraham Lincoln was for the federal government to build railroads, he was for the federal government sending troops into states in order to enforce federal laws!!

It is quite clear that modern Republicans would regard Honest Abe as nothing other than a SOCIALIST!! Imagine for a moment Glenn Beck with his serious look holding up a copy of the New York Herald Tribune and reading an article written by Communist founder, Karl Marx, which praises Abraham Lincoln for fighting to end slavery! And, just remember, the famous Abraham Lincoln Brigade which fought in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s had many Communists in its ranks.

Let’s face it, if Abraham Lincoln was alive today, impeachment proceedings would begin under sponsorship of the Republican party.