If Palestinians Won’t Leave, Strip Them Of Residency!

Reality is sometimes difficult to confront, particularly when you desire to pretend reality does not exist except how it is played out in your mind. There are thousands of Palestinians who have lived in Jerusalem for many years and a high percent can trace their Jerusalem lineage back a hundred years, but to Israel officials, there is need to get thousands of Palestinians in east Jerusalem to leave as soon as possible. Statistics from the Ministry of the Interior in Israel which were obtained under a Freedom of Information request, indicate about 4,557 residents of East Jerusalem had their residency revoked in 2008. That number represents a total that is greater than half the total whose residency was revoked in the past 40 years.

It is clear Israel’s policy is to force Palestinians to leave, transfer their property into Jewish hands and proclaim to the world they are merely allowing Jews to live in Jerusalem. An Israel newspaper, Ha’aetz claims there is a deliberate policy to drive out Palestinians in order to claim most of east Jerusalem is Jewish so why allow Palestinians to have their capital in that section of Jerusalem.

The policy may work for a moment, but the world knows the Israel government is colluding with right wing elements to rob Palestinians of their right to live in east Jerusalem.