Have you ever wondered how the story of  America would have unfolded if the current group of Republicans had always run this  country?

1.  We never would have crossed the Mississippi River.

2.  We never would have had free state universities.

3.  Slavery would reign in the South and parts of the West due to State Rights!

4.  The top 1% of wealthy would not own 35% of our wealth but 90%.

5.  Lincoln would have spent his life as a lawyer in Illinois.

6.  German Nazism would dominate Europe.

7.  Theodore Roosevelt in frustration would have become a  Socialist!

8.  There would not be hundreds of bridges and dams and school building built.

9.  Backdoor abortionists would be making lots of money.

10.  We would gaze at the moon and wonder if humans ever would touch down on it.