As an eleven year old boy wandering on lower Manhattan I came across a used copy of The New Testament. Since I was raised as an Orthodox Jew, this had never been read to me. I purchased it for ten cents. That night I cried reading the words of Jesus Christ. Throughout life I have always regarded him as a Jew. I understand that others claim to be “Christians” or followers of his ideas. If anyone is truly a Christian:


1. They support extension of jobless benefits. Christ would.

2. They support health care for all. Christ would.

3.  They support an end to wars and use of diplomacy and the UN. Christ would.

4.  They support government helping to create jobs for those without work.  Christ would.

5.  They support going into debt in order to ensure all are well fed and housed. Christ would.

6. They support allowing illegal immigrants to become citizens. Christ would.

7. They would tune out Fox News and programs which preach hatred. Christ would.

8. They would walk away from anyone preaching hatred toward fellow humans. Christ would.

9. They would shake heads in wonder at the invective and hatred spouted by members of the Tea Party toward opponents. Christ would.

10. They would support extending the Social Security tax to ALL income. Christ would.

11.  They would raise taxes on the wealthy. Christ would.

Then again, Jesus Christ was a Christian.