If You’re Muslim, You’re A Terrorist Says Aussie

A group of Muslims in the city of Camden in Australia wanted to build a school for their children just as Christians or Jews have religious centered schools for their youngsters. Several residents testified allowing an Islamic school in their quaint Christian community would led to a generation of young people schooled in the art of war. According to Judith Bond, “values of violence will be emphasized. It will be a breeding ground for terrorists.” Other residents feared allowing a Muslim school would lead to ending Christmas decorations of nativity scenes at Christmas. Kate McCullogh summed up the feelings of some residents by making clear, “let’s start making people understand that the Western way of life is the best way of life.”

This is a minor episode in the war to demonize Muslims, but it raises several ironic issues. Australia was founded by convicts from England which suggests that crime and criminals predate the appearance of any Muslims. The Australian Christians who oppose violence and war somehow found a way to wipe out large numbers of the aborigine population which got in their way. Sorry, Aussies, you will always come out ahead of Muslims in the race as to who is the most violent group in Australia.

  • ahmad

    i just wanna say to u aussies that i’m a muslim, i’m from jordan and i don know any fuckin idea about what u said above u don know any fuckin thing about muslims, we r realy good people and those who r made believe that we r all terrorist because we r muslims, they r not even amuslims so please when u wanna talk about somthing make sure that u r 100% right or don speak about any fuckin thing . god bless u aussies and i’m not saying that because i’m afraid of u but because it is our habits as amuslims to respect the others and if u thought that i’m afraid of u, that means u don know any fuckin idea about any thing thank u all.

  • http://yahoo.com johnatan

    dowght dat aint evehen funnah niqqa diis niqqas be haten on them niqqas he needd to shutup talkin bout dat ya hear3d niqq33 bitch ass niqqa

  • http://taylorm Kristi Mentzer

    so niqqaraugua u fuheen muhzluhm u gone bome uhs? u a fuheen muhsluhm i hope yaw’hll burn in hell yo leedur fukin osahmuh got hih done spliiii. u awreedhy no he in heww