If You’re White, You’re Alright!

An official for the Russian Federal Migration Service informed the world his nation was quite please to extend an invitation to anyone whose skin was white to take up residence in the wintry climes of his nation. As for those with dark skin, he extends an invitation to them to seek out the nearest black skinned nation and inhabit its confines. Konstantin Politoranin told the media there was need to check on the skin color of all immigrants. “Relations must be built differently to ensure blood is mixed in the right regime.” He emphasized the nation of Russia needs “people of the Slavic group” because too many people of the Slavic group do not want to have many children and this is leading to race suicide. Mr. Politoranin emphasized that he was not a racist, he simply wants to ensure the purity of the white race. He does have a point. After all, who would want to interfere with the white race development. Remember, the white race gave us Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy who helped to wipe out about 30 million of the white race in Slavic Russia.

I am certain Mr. Politoranin wants to keep Slavic people working. The problem is not many Slavic people want to handle garbage or pick peaches in the fields of Russia.

  • What a joke!

    Do russians know that slavics are the bottom of the white gene pool? Russian women are selling out by millions to non-white slavic men, i know that a large number of them are married to east asian men to american blacks while impotent russian men are too busy drinking vodka and beating up non-white russians.