Ignorance Reigns In Mississippi

During the past hundred years of American history no one went broke betting on the pervasive ignorance that prevails in the state of Mississippi. New polls taken among members of the Republican Party in that state reveal 66% believe President Obama is a “Muslim” and 36% are no sure if he is or is not. Of course, 60% do not  believe in the theory of evolution. In their view, Barney Rubble was alive and well while he rode big animals in olden times.

To be fair, the fair state of Alabama is not that better when it comes to knowledge of reality. Among Alabama Republicans, 45% believe Obama is a closet Muslim while 41% are not certain if the man in the White House is telling white lies about his religion. I hate to inform these denizens of ignorance that Jesus Christ was born a Jew, lived a Jew and died a Jew. AND, he did NOT have blond hair and blue eyes!