Ignorant Israelis Defend Israel

I recently came across two letters to the Turkish newspaper, Hurryet, in which defenders of Israel decried efforts by the Palestinian Authority to seek seats on UN committees. We print them:

“correct me if I am wrong: Israel has put many proposals on the table to the Palestinians for peace. Each time these initiatives have been rejected. What should Israel do? Hand over the keys to Tel Aviv?”

“did Hamas agree not to lob Grad rockets on my home in Beer Sheva?”

Yes, it is true that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made proposals.  But examine these so called “peace proposals:”

1.  Israel, in violation of international law, will retain land stolen from Palestinians in the West Bank.

2. In violation of international law, Israel will control east Jerusalem and continue its policy of ousting Palestinians living in areas they have inhabited for generations.

3. Palestinians must recognize the nation of Israel as a “Jewish state.” Of course, 20% of people in Israel are NOT Jews! This is akin to demanding the US be recognized in the world as a “Christian nation!”

President Abbas is among the first Arab leaders who seeks a just peace with Israel. He will even allow Israel to retain currently occupied areas in the West Bank by Jewish settlers. Netanyahu is a bully, a liar and a disgrace to everything associated with the Jewish religion!!