Illegal Immigrants Can Serve, But…

An illegal immigrant who comes to America and enters the US armed forces can be deported if for, one reason or another, they run into problems with the law. There are over 16,000 non-citizens who are serving this nation and many are in Afghanistan or Iraq where they risk their lives. However, even one encounter with the law which leads to a guilty conviction can result in deportation. There is sufficient evidence that thousands who have served in the hell known as Afghanistan or Iraq leave combat zones with psychological illnesses. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder impacts a high percent of those who served in combat. Unfortunately, those with PTSD more often than not encounter problems with the police. It could be use of marijuana or other drugs or engaging in some form of criminal action. But, the law allows a non-citizen to be deported, regardless of their service to the country.

New rules issued by the US Sentencing Commission will finally allow a judge to take into consideration factors which may have led to someone committing a criminal action. Certainly, use of drugs by those with PTSD is not uncommon. If they risked their lives for the USA, certainly this nation can risk allowing them to be treated after committing a crime, particularly when it involves use of drugs.

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