Illegal Immigrants Strike In EU

Nearly 240 illegal immigrants went on a hunger strike as the European Union’s 27 member states were putting the final touches on a new document which allows governments to detain illegal immigrants for up to 18 months and then prevent them from re-entering the EU for up to five years. The illegals are bunkered down in a church in Brussells while not far away EU officials are prepared to tell them they are not welcome and must leave. A man named Mohad from Algeria said he has been on the hunger strike snce May 8 and already had spent nearly two years in a migrant detention camp located in the Netherlands. “The European Community is not human,” was his plaintive comment.

Most of the migrants complained about being treated like criminals even though their only desire is for work and to be a productive human. At present, the cap in nations like Spain is 40 days and in Belgium it is eight months so the proposed legislation would allow immigrants to be detained much longer than most existing laws by member nations.

An EU spokesperson put it honestly about the attitude toward illegal immigrants: “If they arrive here, it’s not going to be paradise.” It is doubtful if any illegal immigrant seeks paradise, but how about an opportunity to work hard?