Illinois Children Get A Dream

The father of our current president was an immigrant from Africa, and every person in this country is descended from immigrants-and that includes Indians whose ancestors hopped over from Asia without asking permission to enter from native born  animals. We are a nation of immigrants who used to boast about our heritage. As a child in the Bronx, New York, we had special days during the year in which all children celebrated our position as immigrants. Today, forces of hate and anger deride those who are immigrants because some are “illegal.”

Illinois just passed a DREAM ACT which establishes a  special fund that will provide financial assistance to those who are children of   illegal immigrants. Money in the fund will come from private donations and allow children of those deemed to be “illegal” an opportunity of securing financial aid in order to attend college. I was raised in New York City during the Depression when we had FOUR FREE COLLEGES which allowed the poor and all  immigrants to attend and gain an education without paying money!

The DREAM ACT is a wonderful opportunity for youth to attend college. But, once again we ask where is the President of the United States on this issue? Oh, he is off raising $1 Billion in order to get re-elected. It would be  more impressive if he could run around the country raising $1 Billion for a DREAM ACT fund to allow youth to attend college!