I’m A Cop-Don’t Mess With Me!

I was raised on the streets of New York City in the borough of The Bronx. Lesson One of my street education was to avoid, at any cost,getting into a conflict with a cop. Cops had guns and had the legal right to beat the hell out of you. Connor Castellani, a college student, apparently never learned anything in his youth about street intelligence. He was at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City when he got thrown out of the club and proceeded to get into a conflict with some cops. Apparently, Connor did not know when to simply SHUT UP. He argued with the cops and they proceeded to beat the crap out of him. Did they employ “excessive force?” Hell, yes, they are cops!

There are too many young people who enter the world actually believing they have the right to mouth off to cops. When I was eight years old my mouth teased Big Al who proceeded to punch me out. As I lay on the ground, Big Al said: “Never wise off to anyone who can beat the crap out of you.” Connor, take the sage words of Big Al and place them in your mind!