“I’m A Man, Not A Gay One!”

Bill Johnson is a true blue conservative who believes that Jesus Christ never liked those who were homosexuals. He ran for governor of Alabama and among his goals was to make homosexual same sex marriages illegal in his fair state. Bill and his wife went to New Zealand after earthquakes damaged the country in order to display their Christian faith by doing charity work for those who have suffered. Somewhere along the path of doing charity work for those hurt by natural calamities, Bill decided to explore another type of social work–SPERM DONATION!

Bill has not only been dispensing food and clothes, he also is dispensing his sperm to any woman seeking a healthy man to help out. It turns out that his sperm was donated to lesbian female couples who just needed the right juice from some guy. As she put it: “we found Bill to be really nice.” Bill claims his wife, who cannot have children, is behind his efforts because she wants me “to have a child of my own.”

I’m glad Bill is a social worker for lesbians. He certainly spreads the wealth of his body.