I’m A Man Of Peace Insists Sudan President Al-Bashir

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir greeted supporters in Darfur as part of his program to deny claims on the part of the International Criminal Court(ICC) that he has supported genocide in the region. He traveled in a convoy accompanied by a helicopter and with soldiers, police and national security riding vehicles mounted with machine guns, one assumes they were present to protect the peace loving leader from any attempt on the part of the ICC to seize him. Local government officials said they were ordered to attend the rally which greeted the president which witnessed Bashir dancing to nationalistic music as he waved his walking stick in the air.

Bashir told the crowd, “I come here to Darfur to say one thing. That every internally displace person(IDP) must return to their village and then the government must supply social services.” A journalist, Adil el-Baz, commented: “It makes him look politically very good if the people of Darfur welcome him and observers see thousands of people rushing to welcome him.”

A photo op will not make up for the 300,000 dead people and the 2.2 million who barely survive in refugee camps.