I’m Entitled To Gifts, I Was The Governor!!

The United States of America has become a land in which those with wealth believe themselves to be rather “exceptional people.” Naturally, this attitude has now become prevalent among those who are victorious in election campaigns. If one wins an election then one is entitled to the gifts of power that go along with the victory, after all, the slogan is: to the victorious, go the spoils of war! Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is being charged with fraud and conspiracy-along with his wife–and he is damn well angry at these charges which are nothing more than an assault on the American way of politics. The Federal government,now under control from a black alien Muslim claims his wife and he accepted gifts from businessmen in exchange for doing them a few favors.

According to Bob, this is a “misguided legal theory” that charges that his work in facilitating meet ins between businessmen and agencies of government somehow constituted a crime. OK, so his wife received some dresses or they did wind up with some nice watches and vacations, so what. If one can not make a few dollars out of being a governor then why the hell run for governor? The federal government has this crazy idea that one’s campaign funds do not allow paying for personal things. Wow!