I’m Here In Full Disguise!

There are serious problems confronting the world like economic collapse, earthquakes, hunger, and so on, but in the beautiful nation of France there is only one central issue confronting leaders of the nation– a woman wearing a veil!! Kenza Drider, a mother of four, has decided to challenge the latest idiotic law of France which makes illegal to cover faces in public places. “I will be going about my business in my full veil as I have for the last 12 years and nothing and nobody is going to stop me.” Yesterday, police arrested 61 people, including 19 women, for holding an outlawed protest against the ban in Paris. Ms. Drider stated what any sensible person would: “The whole law makes France look ridiculous. I never thought to see the day when France, my France, the country I was born in and I love, the country of liberte, egalite, fraternite, would do something that so obviously violates people’s freedom.”

Most statistics indicate no more than 2,000 Muslim females wear the full veil. I guess the French government wants to know what they are covering up. On the other hand, it might benefit President Sarkozy to wear a veil and cover up his ugly stupidity.