“I’m Jewish, I Can Live Where I Want!”

Itai Harel, a nice Jewish settler inhabiting a hill located in the West Bank, which originally was seized by Israel troops during a war, believes he has a right to live where he desires because he is Jewish and God gave the Israelis the land of what is known as the West Bank. “Look at all this wonderful empty land all the way from Jerusalem, waiting for its sons  to come to build and live in it.” In other words, we Jews in Israel can take any empty land not inhabited by people and build on it.

1700 in America: “Look at all this empty land which only has some Indians hunting in it, they will not mind if I build a house and farm on it. God willed that we Europeans had a right to build wherever we desired in North America. If you don’t believe me, check with God.”

1500  in Asia: “Look at all this empty land in what they call Siberia which is mainly inhabited by animals. God has given us the right to conquer, send anyone living here to death and take over the land. After all, how can one argue with God’s commandments?”

Israel Supreme Court Justice, Dorit Beinisch, put it bluntly to these Jewish criminals: “We can only hope residents of Migron accept their duty not to behave like hooligans and resettle in any other place the State allows them.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes Jewish hooligans have a right to live, at least close to where they steal land. He is preparing new homes for these criminals a few miles away. I think he is giving them another area that God has designed for Jews.