I’m Not Anti-Jewish, I Just Like Tormenting Them


Alexander Mayborn plays something called bandy which is an antecedent to ice hockey and he apparently enjoys the game, but not as much as insulting Jews. He posted on his blog a desire for the English Premier League club in Liverpool to “push forward harder than the Germans did on the Night of the Knives(Kristallnacht) in 1938.” For some reason those sensitive Jews filed a complaint regarding his hate crime speech and since they are thin skinned Jews for some reason they did not realize he was joking. Of course, he also cheered a player for taking “three fantastic points against the Jews.” Of well, anyone who loves sports understands he was not insulting any Jews, just reporting the facts someone scored goals against these people.

In fairness to Mr. Mayborn he wants the world to know, “I think Nazis and racists are the worst thing in the world.” I don’t think it is nice for Mr. Mayborn to insult himself in that manner.