I’m Not Marx! Maybe Groucho, Not Karl!

It is now quite clear that Pope Francis did not get the message from God that he was expected to support the ideas, values and beliefs of those with wealth in order to keep the road open for Capitalist Job Creators to enter Heaven’s doors. Pope Francis finally got clear that when he speaks for God, that is simply not sufficient since God had not cleared his words or ideas with the pudgy man in America who claims that God reports to him, and when He says, “Him,” he means the real God of this universe. The Pope told an Italian newspaper that his recent apostolic comments about the sins of capitalism were simply a statement of the Church’s social doctrine and not an endoresment of Marxism. Pope Rush Limbaugh was very upset with the other Pope who described Francis economics as “pure Marxism.”

Pope Francis does not believe in “trickle down money” leaving the hands of wealthy folk and winding up in the hands of the middle class or poor folk. Since 1980, those in the wealthy class have gained 150% in wealth while middle class folk have gained 5%. Pope Francis was painfully aware that Christians are celebrating the birth of some poor guy who was born in Palestine and preached a social doctrine of defending the rights of poor people. For some reason, Francis did not check his remarks with Pope Rush or he would have known that modern research by conservative think tanks have revealed evidence that Jesus was really the son of a wealthy man who was brutally murdered for defending the rights of those with wealth in Jerusalem.

It is time to God Bless Rush!