I’m Responsible

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took responsibility for what happened on her watch as head of the State Department. “I take responsibility. I’m in charge of the State Department’s 60,000 plus people who are all over the world at 275 posts. The president and vice president wouldn’t be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. They’re the ones who weigh all the threats  and the risks and the needs and make a considered decision.”

The buck stops at the desk of the Secretary of State. This is an attitude which simply is not in the minds of Republicans. Has Mitt Romney taken responsibility for supporting the ware in Iraq? Has ANY Republican taken responsibility for sending 5,000 Americans to their deaths? Of course not.

In 1982 President Reagan sent Marines to Lebanon. 250 were killed by suicide bombers. No Democrat blamed Reagan. As the father of slain Ambassador Stevens comments, “it would be abhorrent to make this a campaign issue.”

Sorry, Mr. Stevens, these are Republicans.