I’m Somebody, You Ain’t!

Andrew Mitchell is an important person in England since he is Chief Whip in Parliament for the Conservative party. Mr. Mitchell often has meetings at 10 Downing Street with the prime minister. The other day as he departed Mr. Mitchell was riding a bike when halted by police who guard the prime minister’s residence. They informed Mr. Mitchell that he could not use the main gate which infuriated this important man.

He exploded in rage and shouted at the police that they were mere “plebs”and how dare they halt such an important individual. Police were warned that unless he rode his bike through the main gate all hell would break loose on them. A “pleb” means someone who is unimportant. Poor Mr.Mitchell never got to ride his bike through the main gate.

Later he told reporters the expression they claim he uttered had never been spoken. Of course, on reflection, the Chief Whip admitted he was ready to whip anyone who dared to disobey his demand.  Such is life in England. The wealthy can not even ride their bikes where they desire. I guess the US Tea Party will soon arrive in merry England to teach plebs how to respect their betters!