I’m The Boss Of Russia Says Putin To EU!

At a recent meeting between European Union leaders and Prime Minister Putin of Russia, tempers flared when the Russian leader expressed his anger because EU Commission chief, Jose Manuel Barros dared to discuss issues concerned with human rights to President Medvedev and Putin was not present at the session . In response to European Union concerns about the treatment of minorities in Russia or the murder of journalists, the Russian president insisted it was the EU which has been abusing Russian minorities within their borders. Putin suddenly transformed himself into the defender of minorities, migrants, and even prisoners held in jails within the EU.

The real issue is gas and Russian control over the flow of it to the west. The Putin government has abused minorities, it has a hand in the killing of journalists who dare confront the boss of Russia, and it is clear if a nation wants Russian gas it must remain silent concerning Putin oppression of people..

Oh, and no more meetings with the president of Russia unless the prime minister is present.