I’m The Real Russian!!

Senator John McCain is one tough dude. He survived torture as a prisoner in Vietnam during that war, and he even survived running for president along with the Alaska idiot, Sarah Palin. OK, so he still thinks Sarah was worthy to become president of the United States, that simply proves John is not a man of all seasons. But, right now he is darn angry at that Vladimir Putin who had the audacity to claim that we Americans are not the most exceptional folk on this planet. He wrote an opinion peace in Pravda which points out that he is more pro-Russian than the president of Russia. He argued that Putin “rules by using those weaknesses, by corruption, repression and violence. He rules for himself, not you.”

His theme for the people of Russia is that “Russians deserve better than Putin.” He blasted the new laws which criminalize the act of speaking in defense of gay rights. He blasted the imprisonment of a punk rock band whose members wound up in jail for their songs. He blasted Putin for siding with a murderer in Syria who kills his own people. He pointed out to the people of Russia that Putin had made their nation a friend of tyrants.

Well spoken John. Now, how about a piece dealing with members of the Republican party who seek to deny food to the hungry and health care to those without?