I’m Voting, Are You?

I confess to not possessing the connections of a Sarah Palin or a Michele Bachmann since my phone line does not connect to the guy up in the sky. I will be voting today. Am I completely satisfied with my choice? No, I am not. I have been voting since 1952 when I cast my first ballot for Adlai Stevenson who was running against popular war hero, Dwight Eisenhower. I knew Eisenhower would win, but morally my choice had to be Stevenson. In a democracy one votes for the person who is more competent knowing full well no candidate equals the competence and knowledge of the voter.

Barack  Obama has flaws. However, he is intelligent, competent, will support rights for poor people, the middle class, women and minorities. The economy is returning to a level of progress and this will continue over the coming four years. Elect Romney and there is a probability that unemployment will increase as he cuts funding, cuts taxes and watches debt rise and rise. The prospect of millions losing health insurance is enough to convince any sane person to vote for Obama.

We do not inhabit a perfect world. There never have been “perfect presidents.” It is NOT a question of the “lesser of two evils.” Obama is NOT an evil candidate. There exists the possibility of him gaining a new sense of strength during the coming four years and learning to take his case to the American  people-something he has refused to do. If he learns THAT lesson, the coming four years will be more productive in terms of developing a liberal agenda.