I’m White, You Ain’t!!

Mitt has decided to head for London and join fellow Anglo-Saxons around the table where white guys get together and discuss how wonderful it is to be white, twenty one and married. An aide to Mitt made clear that his guy is a 100% blue blooded white Anglo-Saxon, unlike a certain black skin guy whose name escapes my mind. According to the aide, “We(Mitt, that is) are part of the Anglo-Saxon heritage and he(Mitt) feels that the special relationship is special. The White House doesn’t truly appreciate the shared history we have.” This means, Mitt is “naturally more Atlanticist.”

This comment makes sense. After all, when the darkies were in the fields getting  brutalized or raped, we Anglo-Saxons were in the plantation house fucking the black broads. How can anyone believe some darkie has the same sense of history as we white folk? We whites have 100% white blood, not the dark kind found in the guy who was born in Kenya.

And, Mitt has promised that day one in the White House will witness return of the Win